Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pumping out Live Wallpapers and Dresses

See Title!

I have also gotten back into writing my novel, which is only at 23k words... so many to go to tell my story. I'll be 'done' probably around 80-90k and then I can edit/design a cover.. blah blah. It's a fictional tale, nothing to do with me :-)

So yea, I'm insanely busy but mostly because I choose to be. I finished up a dress for a customer yesterday and then called it an early day so I could develop some live wallpapers. I've been using two of my existing engines (one for galaxy simulation and the other for particles) to create new ones since I don't have a lot of time to create from the bottom up right now. Again, my goal is to be able to make enough to regularly pay my student loan each month with just android apps. This way I don't feel like I completely wasted my education by choosing a totally different field for my primary job (from computer science to dressmaking ha ha)

So yea, check out all my new live wallpapers! There are ones with ads and paid versions without, since I would have felt bad forcing people to deal with push ads when they don't like them. I'd make everything totally free.. if I were a rich girl, but I'm not!

Here is a link to view all of my apps -

Newest ones are the soccer ones (I'm working on a few  more teams this weekend) and Bioluminescent / Confetti Blast (Currently uploading so it won't show right away!)

Off to work I go! I have to finish my store listing for Confetti Blast then sew an entire dress today! Fun times.

Friday, March 1, 2013

I did it today.

For people who have been asking: you can use my altered LWP code with libgdx now. I don't know how much support I'll offer since I'm limited on time- but it works for me and hopefully it works for other people too.

I added an example project as well. It also shows how to do live preview mode.

Access here:

So... I've been a little bit insanely busy.

The last few months have been absolutely insane. I thought after all of the Christmas show figure skating dresses were done, I might have a little break from being 100% completely booked for a bit. That lasted for about a week, and now I'm really having to play a balancing game!

Anyways, I'm back making a few new live wallpapers. MLS Soccer starts this weekend again, so I might make a few for several teams (GO SOUNDERS! ;-)) I'm doing things differently now though. I don't really have time to make a free/paid version, so I'm just making them all free and forgive me, using leadbolt. I need to be able to pay my student loan each month, I'm really not a horrible person I promise!

I also saw that Libgdx has new wallpaper support - I tried it out but honestly it is still too buggy and crashes everytime using particles when I "set wallpaper". I would try to fix it but again, I don't really have the time! I swear I'll put my LWP code up on github this weekend if I can so others can use if they want - but boyfriend and I are having a guest over for an emazing dota2 lan party...