Friday, July 27, 2012

I released a live wallpaper!!


Yesterday I released my first ever live wallpaper. It's called Wisp Glitter, and it's particle based. I made over 15 different kinds of emitters with cool effects, tons of preset designs, and preset colors. I also included 20+ different particle textures for all types of people to use!

Check it out here and let me know what you think. The demo version of course includes very limited functionality, because I want people to buy it!! :-)

Free :


For everyone interested, I made the wallpaper with libgdx, it's my first app ever made with the library, it's pretty powerful and I recommend it to other developers :-)

Note that I had to update the wallpaper wrapper to work for the latest libgdx version though.



  1. which library used for develop this wallpaper...?

  2. Hi Kimmy, can you please post some tutorial on how to use libgdx for live wallpaper development. I'm also start with rajawali but want to switch to libgdx due to its flexibility. I have tried to use libgdx-live-wallpaper-backend, but the code seems out of date and always give me compile error.

    It will be highly appreciated if you can kindly post your process or code example on how to get libgdx work with live wallpaper

  3. Hi! I used LibGDX to create the wallpaper.

    I will put the updated live wallpaper extension up somewhere soon, since the person who created the current one seems to not be working on it anymore!

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  5. hi!please help me for,

    how to change background color in rajawali using list-preference...