Friday, August 10, 2012

I released my 2nd live wallpaper!

Yay for Liquid Lines! My second live wallpaper!

My first live wallpaper, Wisp Glitter, was made with libgdx - so I decided to continue using it for my next live wallpaper which would require shaders. It was my first time using shaders EVER, so naturally I went along and started using trig heavy fragment shaders which lagged in gdx. I didn't know better!

Anyways, I tried Rajawali's engine out and it seemed to pump out some better performance. All was going great until I plugged in my ancient, dusty Motorola Droid to see if my wallpaper would pass that "runs on crappy devices" test.


So, back to the drawing board... I decided to put everything in the vertex shader which only had to run 100x100 times rather than 857x480 times. I was face palming so hard, but happy at the same time because I used shaders on a cell phone! Woo hoo!

Here is the link:

These babies will be up soon.. once Google play finishes adding then ;-)

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